Represent your Tribe
Be the voice of your community!

Unlike existing community profiles, community profiles on Tribo are run and moderated by everyone in the community instead of admins.

What is Tribo?

Tribo wants to create official public profiles for communities.

At Tribo, the community will control the action of the profile (eg. publishing remarks, setting profile image, even talking to other communities) through a democratic process.

How does it work?

Communities on Tribo are called Tribes. A Tribe is like a Twitter profile for a community, run by the community.

Much like a Twitter profile, Tribes can set their own profile image, publish Remarks, set its own description, and communiticate with other Tribes.

Anyone can create a Tribe (currently limited to 1 per user).

Continuing with the Twitter annalogy, Remarks are like Tweets for Tribes.

  1. Go to the Tribe you want to post to
  2. Find the submission box at the top page, and select the 'Remark' tab
  3. Enter your message, or you can upload an image
  4. Click submit!

Yup, anyone can suggest a new setting for a Tribe, such as a different profile image or profile description. However it is up to the member of the tribe to approve the setting change.

  1. Go to the Tribe
  2. Find the submission box at the top page, and select the 'Settings' tab
  3. Select the setting you want to change
  4. Submit the change!

TP are the point system used to moderate the communities on Tribo. You can use TP to vote on settings, remarks or friendliness of a Tribe.

You can see how much TP you have and change your TP spending setting at the bottom left of the website.